New* Electric Touch Pearl Burner

New* Electric Touch Pearl Burner


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Pearl Electric Burner

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New* Electric Touch Pearl Burner

Electric wax burner

  • LATEST ELEGANT DESIGNS – Stand out from the crowd with this elegant and functional electric wax melt burner with light. We can guarantee that our Burner Lamps will be the taking point of everyone who enters your home.
  • ADD AMBIANCE AND SET THE MOOD IN YOUR HOME – The ultimate home accessory that adds a touch of sparkle while emitting soft light and wafting scent around the house. Adds glamour and freshness that your family will love.
  • Can use with our LUXURY WAX CLAMSHELLS 
  • NATURAL, NON TOXIC AND GENTLE LIGHT FRAGRANCES – Our Electric Wax Burner sends out just the right amount of light fragrance into a room. No more toxic sprays or overpowering plug in pungent air fresheners. The wax melt burner lamps emit a gentle, non invasive scent while the glowy light further enhances the ambiance.
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGNS – We only produce the Wax Burner Light designs that we’re happy to put in our homes. Good quality at affordable prices adding sparkle and ambiance to any room in your home. 

We pride ourselves on what we have created over the last 4yrs, our beautifully scented Eco Soy Wax melts.

How to Use our Electric Touch Burners:

When you turn on your Electric Burner, we recommend you do not tap it to the highest setting quickly. simply do this slowly waiting a couple of seconds between each tap. This will prevent the bulb blowing from a surge of electric. We suggest turning your burner off via the ‘Touch settings’ first, then switch off from the socket.

Simply pop a wax cube onto the top of the burner, and enjoy!

Changing/Removing the Bulb

Our Bulbs are G9 40w that are used for our Electric Burners. All Burners come with a spare bulb in a box that is located in-between the plug.The Bulbs push in and pull out straight. Please take care when making contact with the bulb.

Removing/Changing Wax

To remove used wax we recommend waiting until the wax has fully melted. Eco soy wax has a low melting point so this should not take long at all. Push lightly on one edge to remove the wax, the wax should slide out.

Do Not Use Sharp objects to remove the wax as this may cause the dish/burner to crack. Replacement dishes and bulbs are sold via the website.


If your burner is faulty please make us aware in the first instance. We can offer a full refund up to 30days if the burner is returned to us (postage arranged by the buyer). Anything after 30 days a credit note, or an exchange voucher will be given (on return of the burner).

We cannot and will not offer a refund or exchange on accidental damage.

Our burners are quality inspected on receipt of them. We make sure they are checked before dispatch. We take great care in making sure they are packaged securely so they arrive to our customers safely. We ask on the day you receive your item you check for any damages or faults, and report to us the same day as delivery.

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